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EasyMobile is a complementary tool to Station and HMIWeb Browser that allows basic operations of your building control system from most mobile and Internet browsers

EasyMobile provides text-based information and does not support graphic displays.You should not use EasyMobile for Fire and Life Safety systems. 

HMIWeb Browser

The Honeywell HMIWeb Browser provides secure web access to your building control system. You can check to see if HMIWeb Browser is installed by accessing the main menu.

If HMIWeb Browser is not installed, you need to
install the HMIWeb Browser components you must also close and re-open this browser after installation.

After you have installed the HMIWeb Browser components, you can access help in the
HMIWeb Browser Operator's Guide.

HMIWeb Browser links and favorites should be saved as absolute paths, as in some cases, page navigations fail when not connected to the server.
For example:
Use http://server/page_path/page_name
instead of page://page_name

Installation requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 7 or higher
  • Administrator privileges on this computer

Please note:

To stop repeated authentication requests

  1. Add your connected server to the list of trusted sites;
  2. For the trusted site's security settings,enable Automatic logon with current username and password'